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Local Government

Local Government

As the leading voice for business in Loveland, Chamber is dedicated to keep our investors informed on local issues as well as being the principle advocate on those issues.

Local Government
Local Government

This page is dedicated to providing you information on local issues and how the chamber addresses them.
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Local Legislative Affairs Committee

Local Legislative Affairs Committee
This committee’s mission is to favorably influence the actions of local government for the enhancement of positive business environment. The members identify and vet issues, plus make public policy recommendations to both the Loveland Chamber Board of Directors and the NCLA Board of Directors.

Who: any Chamber investor
Staff: Business Development Manager
Committee Chair: Open
Location: Ken & Helen Erion Conference Room,
Chamber Offices
Date: second Thursday of the month
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

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City of Loveland

City of Loveland
The City of Loveland is a home-rule, council-manager form of government. The City Council is a nine member policy-making board for the City of Loveland. The Council is led by the Mayor, who is elected for a two-year term by the community at large.

The City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month for regular meetings at 6:30 p.m. and the second Tuesday of each month for a study session at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 500 E. Third Street.

City Council Agendas
Ward Map

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Larimer County

Larimer County
Larimer County is located in north central Colorado. It is the seventh largest county in Colorado based on population. The county extends to the Continental Divide and includes several mountain communities and Rocky Mountain National Park. The County encompasses 2,640 square miles that include some of the finest irrigated farmland in the state, as well as vast stretches of scenic ranch lands, forests and high mountain peaks. Over 50% of Larimer County is publicly owned, most of which is land within Roosevelt National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park. In addition to these federal lands, Colorado State Parks and Recreation Area, Larimer County Parks and local parks within urban areas combine to provide a wide spectrum of recreational opportunities that are enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

Larimer County Government Model

Larimer County has a commissioner-manager form of government. The County Commission is a three member policy-making board for Larimer County.

See an organizational chart of the county’s government model

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