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Certificate of Origin

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce provides Certificate of Origin Services by Appointment.

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Chambers of Commerce play a pivotal role in providing Certificate of Origin document used for global trade.

What is a certificate of origin?

It is a origin document used in global trade to confirm the country of origin of where the goods have actually been manufactured or processed. The document is used when the country of export and the country of import have a current Free Trade Agreement in place.

How does a Certificate of Origin work in the import-export process?

The document will be used by the importers freight forwarder or customs department during the import customs clearance process. They will prove to customs where the goods have been manufactured. This in turn reduces and eliminates the import duties that are payable on imported goods.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Origin?

If your place of business is exporting goods, you MUST have this certificate. Each country have their own Chambers that specialize in certificate of origin documents. If you do not already have a template for your business, we suggest researching your options starting here with the International Chamber of Commerce:

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