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Carter’s Creative Catering

Colorado Coffee Company

At Carter’s Creative Catering, our goal is to eliminate the stress that is associated with planning your next special event.  We work realistically within your budget and do not have any hidden fees or consultation charges.

Holly Carter is the Founder and CEO of Carter’s Creative Catering. Holly is a Chef and an Executive Pastry Chef with almost 20 years of experience. She graduated in 1998 from the Colorado Institute of Arts, Denver.  She started Carter’s Creative Catering along with her husband Eric, as a part-time business while raising their two children. Carter’s has since grown into a thriving full-time catering business with several employees.

In October of 2016, Holly and Eric started Gus’ Commissary Kitchen. It’s a great addition to the business and provides a commercial kitchen for other catering companies and food trucks as well.