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How do I communicate with my elected officials?

How do I communicate with my elected officials?

The Chamber Advocacy Toolkit is designed to provide you and your business with resources, references, and guidelines for effective involvement in the policy making arena. Below you will find a wide assortment of information and tools for you and your employees to utilize.

Many business owners do not realize how a simple letter, phone call, or email can influence legislators. This is especially true if you are able to participate in a letter-writing campaign. Educating employees and other business owners on issues that are important to your company and politically motivating them is highly effective. The following tips will help you persuade legislators and make your communications more effective.

Tips for communicating with elected officials:

  • Identify yourself. Make sure the legislator is aware that you live or do business in his/her district.
  • Personalize your letter. Elected officials need to know how the legislation will affect your business.
  • Be specific. Refer to bill numbers whenever possible.
  • Ask for the legislator’s support or opposition.
  • Keep to the facts. Avoid emotional arguments.
  • Keep communication respectful. Never threaten your legislator.
  • Use your letterhead. Sign the letter and provide your contact information.
  • Remember that in some cities, the elected official is unpaid and often has another job or has his or her own business.