Loveland Chamber of Commerce

Workshop – Begging Vendor vs. Trusted Advisor

November 18, 2016

8:30-11:30 am

Regardless of your profession, do you find yourself:

Frustrated having to compete primarily on price?

Upset that prospects have a hard time being truthful with you?

Discouraged that client relationships don’t deepen fast enough?

Aggravated that prospect/client interaction is too stressful?


Or perhaps you wish your clients would:

Share more openly about their situation so you could improve on your service to them?

Pay your invoices without question?

Refer their friends and business acquaintances to you?

Ask your advice rather than tell you what they want?


Discover how becoming a Trusted Advisor can completely alter your business development process and business relationships.  Together we’ll explore:




Includes refreshments and all seminar materials




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