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Volunteer Opportunity – Loveland Housing Authority

Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) Board of Commissioners – Volunteer Opportunity – is taking applications for its Board of Commissioners. The Loveland Housing Authority creates affordable housing opportunities for families, seniors, and people with special needs.. The authority is an independent and self-governed body, which is addressing those needs by providing publicly owned housing and programs to assist low-income housing. LHA works closely with the Loveland Housing Development Corporation.  Board Members are expected to attend monthly board meetings and are encouraged to participate in committee work. Board members are also expected to be advocates for affordable housing. Occasional meetings of the City Council and other public hearings will present opportunities to support and advocate affordable housing in the community.  If interested in applying for this position fill out the online application:  If you have any additional questions about LHA or the Board of Commissioners please contact Tracy Hoff at 970-635-5939.

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