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SilverEdge Enables You to Accept Apple Pay

SilverEdge ® announced today their participation with Apple Pay™, a new mobile payment service from Apple ®.  Apple Pay will give consumers ease, unprecedented security, and the privacy they have always wanted when making a purchase. SilverEdge’s participation in Apply Pay will enable their merchants to accept payments from mobile devices creating shorter check out times, enhanced security, and the ability to provide a better customer experience for their consumers.

When Apple Pay is released in early October, SilverEdge’s merchants will be ready to accept Apple Pay payments. Many of SilverEdge’s current merchants are equipped with NFC-capable terminals, meaning there will be no need for upgrades to be able to accept Apple Pay technology. “When consumers receive their iPhone 6 ™ , iPhone 6 Plus ™, or Apple Watch ™, our merchants haven already taken the first step to accept an Apple Pay transaction,” says CEO/Owner of SilverEdge, Ken Salazar. Merchant’s needing NFC-enabled payment terminals can easily obtain one that fits their business’s needs by contacting SilverEdge.

SilverEdge is excited about Apple’s new technology in Apple Pay because of the transformation they are making in the payment industry. Consumers are always looking for convenience and security and Apple Pay perfectly fits the bill. From adding a credit card, to the enhanced security at the point of sale, Apple thought of everything. Adding a card is automatic if the consumer is already an iTunes ® user. If not, or if they want to add more cards, it is as simple as taking a picture of their credit card and adding it to the Passportbook ®. To make a purchase the consumer simply holds their iPhone ®, with their thumb on the Touch ID ®, up to the contactless reader and the phone will automatically recognize that the consumer wants to make a purchase. Then the consumer will feel a vibration that lets them know the payment has been made. See it in action here: During the transaction, the contactless reader does not store the credit card number it only stores a onetime device purchase number that is unique to that phone and that transaction.

SilverEdge is dedicated to only offering products and services that provide tangible value to their merchants and Apple Pay is a great opportunity for merchants of all sizes to grow their business. The range of contactless readers that SilverEdge offers will not only prepare merchants to accept mobile payments using NFC (such as Apple Pay), but will prepare them for the migration to EMV chip card acceptance in October 2015.

About SilverEdge

SilverEdge is a provider of turnkey business solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. They believe in only offering products and services that increase the profits of their clients. They provide point of sale technology for retail and restaurants, business analytics, customer engagement, reward programs, mobile and ecommerce payments, marketing and website development, and more.

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