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Open Door HR Solutions Partners with TLC Payroll, jobZology™, Local Insurance Br

Open Door HR Solutions Partners with TLC Payroll, jobZology™,
Local Insurance Brokers to Bring Clients a Complete HR Solution

Open Door HR offers options to provide local companies with custom service packages

Open Door HR Solutions, LLC, a company focused on providing tools and resources for savvy employers, is launching new partnerships with TLC Payroll, jobZology™, and local insurance brokers to create more strategic HR solutions for local Colorado businesses. Open Door HR Solutions is excited to work with exceptional service partners to provide strategic human resources consulting, making HR and related services easier, more effective and more affordable for companies looking for answers to their HR challenges.

Through partnerships with experienced companies that offer strategic solutions, Open Door provides inclusive HR solutions, not just through consultation and mentoring, but also by delivering services important to business operations. Open Door HR also offers a complete HR package with payroll solutions from TLC Payroll; and workers’ compensation and health insurance offerings from local insurance brokers. A partnership with jobZology™, a software firm specializing in employee assessments and organizational impact, enables better employer/employee matches, as well as shaping current organizational structures to maximize productivity.

TLC Payroll, Inc.’s President & CEO Kevin Welch said of the partnership, “The separation of excellence from mediocrity is attitude and results. Mark and Open Door HR Solutions define exactly that. As a fast-growing company that provides payroll services to businesses with up to 10,000 employees, we offer our clients a suite of services to better their businesses. Taking the headache and liability out of payroll is our bread and butter. Our partnership with Mark Weaver and Open Door HR Solutions rounds out our service offering by adding the HR piece that every business must have. The personal attention and custom solutions Mark offers are unparalleled.”

Mark Weaver of Open Door HR Solutions notes that, “By partnering with these excellent Northern Colorado companies, we are able to offer a wide range of services to meet employers’ and employees’ needs. Busy business owners and executives don’t have time to research and find the answers that this team can bring them. Many employers have historically turned to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to assist in these areas. Now many are seeing increases in health insurance and workers’ compensation premiums, and state unemployment tax rates that are beyond what they would be paying on their own. Some PEOs make it difficult to determine actual costs. Now, by partnering with us, employers can have access to the same kinds of service – without the confusion of co-employment – with local expertise, frequently at a better price.”

Weaver has more than 30 years of human resources experience under his belt leading the HR function internally in organizations such as Poudre Valley Health Systems, the NationalCenter for Atmospheric Research, and Philip Crosby Associates. He has been in the outsourced HR consulting space for the last 12 years. With his experience and expertise in HR, Weaver has developed and implemented smarter, more efficient ways, using cloud-based technology, to create HR solutions for the clients he works with.

Weaver believes that HR can be done in a way that empowers managers, engages employees, and aligns everyone with the mission, vision, and values of the organizations they serve. These new partnerships, paired with Weaver’s “7-keys to an Open Door,” help redefine and reposition HR and open doors to the kind of environment where great employees thrive. Open Door HR Solutions is now even better positioned to assist clients who want to be successful as an employer and build a legacy.

About Open Door HR
Mark Weaver, a Senior Professional in Human Resources, developed Open Door HR Solutions to help clients enlist, envision, and engage passionate employees who share their values, get their mission, and see their vision. We use providers with local expertise and offer cloud-based tools that get HR out of the paperwork arena. Our approach is a unique mixture of HR, operations, and quality learned directly from bestselling author and quality guru Phillip Crosby. Find out more about Open Door HR services at or call 970-420-3187.

About jobZology™
jobZology™, a spinoff from CSU Ventures, is a web-based service and app that provides psychological assessments to individuals to aid in career decision-making and planning; and connects employers to job applicants on the basis of psychological fit to the vocation, role, team, organization or organizational context. By centering both individual (e.g., job seeker) and corporate (e.g., industries and businesses) services on psychological fit, jobZology™ helps individuals find meaningful and satisfying careers, and helps organizations attract and retain an engaged, passionate workforce. You can find more on jobZology™ online at, or by contacting Mark at 970-420-3187.

About TLC Payroll
TLC Payroll is located in Old Town Fort Collins, CO, and is able to provide service in all 50 states and adhere rigorously to all federal, state, and local payroll requirements. TLC Payroll offers clients the complete, professional and personalized payroll service that includes check printing, laser check signing, direct deposit of paychecks, tax filings, HR compliance, 401k recordkeeping, merchant services and more. TLC hires experienced Payroll Managers rather than heads-down Payroll Processors. As a result, they have minimal staff turnover and minimal client turnover. Information about TLC Payroll is found online at, or by contacting Mark at 970-420-3187.

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