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New Ranch Management Team

Loveland, CO — Sunrise Ranch is proud to introduce the new ranching operations management team. Katie Belle Miller is the new Pasture and Livestock Operations Manager, and Director for The Sunrise Ranch School for Integrated Holistic Agriculture. Bryce Connor has returned to Sunrise Ranch and is the Pasture and Livestock Programs Administrator, and Curt Chesney is the new Ranch Foreman.

Katie was born and raised in Colorado. While in high school, she was awarded an internship with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. During her freshman year at Colorado College, she was motivated to design and create her own major: Sustainable Agriculture in the Western United States. In her senior year, she elected to write an optional thesis about the history of sustainable agriculture, using her family as examples of how their practices in agriculture had changed over the last two centuries.

 Certified Holistic Management Teacher – the youngest ever!


After graduation, Katie received an internship at the Venetucci Farm, where she worked for a year and a half gaining valuable experience and knowledge regarding farming and ranching operations. She received a scholarship to return to school to become a certified teacher in Holistic Management.

At the young age of 24, Katie started her own farm and is now Holistic Management International’s youngest certified educator in Holistic Management. She is also working on her committed interest in educating and getting youth excited about grass-raised agriculture by working as the Education Director for Chico Basin Ranch, an 87,000-acre working cattle ranch. Katie commutes back and forth between her farm, Heritage Belle Farms, in Calhan, Colorado, and Sunrise Ranch.


Pasture and Livestock Programs Administrator


Joining Katie on the ranch at Sunrise is Bryce Connor. Bryce was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. Since graduating from high school in 2004, he has worked in Alaska canning salmon, in Arizona with a conservation corps group, and on the Colorado River guiding whitewater rafting trips. Since earning a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Minnesota-Morris, he assisted in youth work before coming to Sunrise Ranch for the 2011 season as a farmhand, and returning in 2012 to assume greater responsibility. These experiences led him to explore a career in holistic pasture management/pastured livestock. Bryce is “thrilled at the opportunity to work on shifting the current agricultural paradigm towards greater sustainability, emphasizing local/seasonal foods, and having a blast while nurturing the land and one another.”


Ranch Foreman

Also on the Ranching Operations Management team is Curt Chesney as the Ranch Foreman. Curt was born and raised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelor’s in Plastics & Polymers Engineering Technology from Pennsylvania College of Technology. He had been a member of Future Farmers of America for 4 years in high school where he developed an interest in a more sustainable future. This led Curt to enroll in the Permaculture Design Course at Sunrise Ranch and he jumped at the opportunity to join the Ranching Operations Management Team here as the Ranch Foreman. Curt brings his passion for hard work, mechanical ingenuity, visioning possibilities, and excitement around the resource management of our expanding ranching operations. He looks forward to continuing to learn and educate others in the growing field of sustainable agriculture.


Wholesome, Nutritious – Local Grassfed Beef and Pastured Chickens


At Sunrise Ranch we are dedicated to creating healthy soil, the foundation of our pasture and livestock operations. We raise livestock using an integrated system of holistic methods for animal husbandry that is free of potentially harmful chemicals, environmentally responsible, ecologically beneficial, and sustainable agriculture. Our livestock includes grass fed beef, pastured chickens (with an “Eggmobile”), pigs, horses and goats with plans to add Heritage Turkeys to our multi-species Ranch. We incorporate the principles espoused by Holistic Management International and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.


For more information, visit the website at or contact the team at [email protected] or call the office at 970-679-4330.

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