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Grimm Brothers to Release Farmer’s Daughter August 11th

Fall is just around the corner, which means that The Farmer’s Daughter will soon be here. She is not only the crowd favorite amongst the Ladies of Lager at Grimm Brothers, but she is also the cornerstone of Loveland Oktoberfest. Using various European specialty malts we created an elegant, complex, rich, malt-forward beer, lightly hopped for balance and lagered for a clean finish. The nose is full of malty complexity with notes of toasted bread, caramel, brown sugar, and chocolate. The aromatics transition to the taste buds as the same complexity intermingles on the tongue with a light-medium body, creamy mouthfeel, and a crisp, dry finish.

Raise a glass of The Farmer’s Daughter and embrace the changing of the seasons, Oktoberfest beers were originally brewed in the spring; cold stored throughout the summer in cellars or caves and served in fall at traditional German festivals. Gearing up for Loveland Oktoberfest this fall shall be no different as The Farmer’s Daughter helps our palets transition from the light and easy drinking to the heavier and slightly chewier brews, embrace the change, Prost!

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