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Cutting Edge Consulting Firm On a Mission to Change the Face of Education

Climate & Culture Connection, an education consulting firm with a radically fresh approach, is on a mission to revolutionize the current conversation about school improvement, teacher effectiveness, and overall education achievement in the state of Colorado.

“It is no secret that the quality of teachers needs to be a top priority within a district,” comments CEO and Founder Kelly Anne Zielinski, “a school will only be as successful as the leaders within each classroom. Yet, I find it astonishing that teachers are training our next generation of leaders without being supported by leadership training for themselves. It?s time to invest in our teachers for the betterment of our students.”

Zielinski created Climate & Culture Connection after serving seven years in elementary education, fueled by the determination that every K-8 education professional should receive extraordinary leadership training to increase personal effectiveness, a growth mindset, connection, character development, and classroom achievement. Part of the company’s vision is to create a ripple effect of self-leadership within the current and next generation of teachers and students.

Based out of Loveland, Climate & Culture Connection is committed to reaching all K-8 education professionals in Colorado and further strives to serve each of the 50 states by 2017. The company is excited to collaborate with school districts and implement its signature professional development course: The Unabridged Leadership Training, to produce long-term qualitative results in the areas of school improvement, personal effectiveness, and achievement levels.

Zielinski reveals, “Our company is invested in the far-reaching success of education in Colorado, as well as the United States as a whole. We understand that what is good for our teachers and students is great for our state, and what is great for our state is a win for the future leaders of our country. It?s win-win for all.”

Visit us online at or email [email protected] to find out how to collaborate and bring the Unabridged Leadership Training into your local schools. Let’s make a transformative impact together.



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