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Life Tweaks for Feeling Your Best 

By Pam Day

Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center

Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center presents a special evening withSummer Maid - Nutritional Therapist

Join us for an evening of learning Life Tweaks for Feeling Your Best and a demonstration on Fermented Vegetables and Sauerkraut. 

Summer will discuss and detail the most common deficiencies and areas of vulnerability she sees in her practice when people become stuck and unwell.

You will learn:

  • Simple life and brain hacks to get out of ruts so that you can begin this new year with greater vibrance.
  • How to implement habits that promote health. 
  • Easy and inexpensive ways of building immunity and gut bacteria.
  • A demonstration on how to make simple probiotic foods: fermented vegetables and sauerkraut, along with handouts and resources for future exploring.


Monday, January 29th, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center LLC

543 N. Washington Ave 

Loveland, CO 80537


$22.00 cash or check only 

Registration Required: 

Seating is limited so please register at or call 970-290-1039.

About Summer:  

Summer Maid's passion for nutrition came well before her nutrition career when she realized she had to take a long hard look at how her food choices were affecting her overall wellbeing. When she realized the powerful healing abilities of food and her own body, nutrition became an imperative tool in her journey to living her best.  

Summer Maid is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in Fort Collins, Colorado. She combines her expertise and passion in  a private nutrition practice that focuses on the connection between nutrition and body, mind, and lifestyle. She also teaches nutrition and wellness groups in the community and at psychiatric facilities.  

Summer Maid is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from Nutritional Therapy Association, a Certified GAPS Practitioner, and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience from Loyola University Chicago.   

Visit Summer at

About Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center & Pam Day:

Being able to unplug and reconnect with ourselves, others and God on a consistent basis can be a rare thing in our busy lives. We find we are more stressed out, disconnected and physically sick than ever before. But there is hope! Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center provides a peaceful, distraction  free space that helps you slow down, unplug and reconnect.

Pam Day is passionate about helping you find peace in the  midst of a noisy, busy world and tap into what matters most in life. She loves watching her clients step fully into themselves and break free from the chains that are weighing them down. She knows from her own life's experience how burn out, stress and depression can prevent a person from living a life that is fully alive and meaningful. 

Pam is a Certified Life/Spiritual Coach & has over 15 years of experience in working with people in personal and spiritual development. Pam cares deeply for your physical, mental and Spiritual needs. She is excited to meet you and show you how the Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center and all it has to offer can help you Find Peace Inside. 

Visit Pam at