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Health & Wellness Presentation & Free LUNCH

By Kristin Kling

Fireside Cafe & Catering

Join us for a Free Event, Lunch and Health & Wellness One Day Event March 24th
We'll explore health solutions, sample world-class nutrition and learn about the physical and financial freedom that is changing lives ! Reserve your seat & lunch by emailing Event is March 24th, 2017. 11am-1pm, Held inside Group Publishing at the Fireside Café. We would love to see you there ! Questions call Kristin 303-717-1849

Guest Speakers Health & Wellness Coaches have an event planned that will truly blow you away! One Day Only Friday March 24th, 2017 From 11am to 1pm, Located inside of Group Publishing at 1515 Cascade Ave, Loveland. Please reserve your spot and your free lunch by emailing  or


What are you looking for?

Increased Energy

Weight loss

Athletic Performance

Stress  Relief

Mental Clarity 

want to age better


We have solutions to all that and more !