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Dine Out With Heart

By Kathy Loken


Philo, short for Philomatheon Club, was founded in 1918 by high school students. It provided an organized way for young women to come together in friendship and service to the community. Members are united by their motto"Friendship, Service, Love, Harmon, Kindness and Forbearance.

Philo members actively support an alternative to Violence apartment, sponsors five blood drives annually, Coordinates and collects canned food from local schools, facilitates the Christmas Food Baskets.  Philo also provides resources and support ,based on the special needs of the children and staff in the Thompson R2-J School District Integrated Early Childhood Program.

Philo awards $10-$15,000 annually to  R2-J School District residents who have demonstrated a financial need and have strongly motivated career goals for vocational/technical education  The Golf Committee sponsors a Woman's Amateur Golf Tournament that funds the scholarships.

Philo's vision to eliminate hunger in our community will be funded by a new fundraiser "Dine Out With Heart."  October 1- October 15, fifteen local participating restaurants will provide patrons with an opportunity to donate to support those in need.  Visit: