Our Featured Investors

Every month the Loveland Chamber of Commerce will be showcasing one of our investors as our Featured Monthly Investor. This fun, but informative section of our website is designed specifically to recognize those Loveland Chamber investors who not only reap the benefits of chamber participation, but also contribute back for the good of the entire Chamber community.



March 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Amy Madden Copp is a thinker. Amy is also a doer, and a leader. She has mastered the ability to combine strategic, visionary thinking with unmatched follow-through, a trait that has propelled her career in northern Colorado. It is also rare to find someone in the community who doesn’t know of Amy and who doesn’t rave about her many talents. As our Featured Monthly Investor for March 2011, the Chamber recognizes Amy for this as well as her longtime Chamber support and hard work with creating Stir Loveland Young Professionals, the Loveland Chamber’s young professionals group through the Chamber.


February 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Sean McCarthy gets it. He understands that engagement, not only in life but also in career and community, is a key driver in overall success. As a business coach with Colorado Coaching Company, Sean devotes his time and talent to his clients, ensuring their growth and success; however he manages to also focus on his own professional growth through community involvement and his commitment to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.


January 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

During any superior acceptance speech, the recognized party gives thanks to those that have supported them along the way. For its continued success with Loveland business, any Loveland Chamber of Commerce acceptance speech – including those from staff, Ambassadors and STIR young professionals – would include a special thanks to Mechelle Martz-Mayfield with Thompson Education Foundation for her behind-the-scenes and driving roles supporting a variety of programs and committees.


December 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

Vision is an exceptional trait for a business professional. The ability to create a vision, articulate, act on and drive that vision is a sign of a highly successful leader and is no easy feat to accomplish. However, Jay Hardy with McWhinney has this perfect mixture mastered.

Hardy, who ends his board term this month, has served on the Loveland Chamber board of directors since January 2006 and has continued to showcase his influential yet collaborative approach to business through a variety of board projects.


November 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

A rolodex of opportunities is available for Loveland Chamber investors to capitalize on their investment. Some of the most successful Chamber investors are those that see the value of making connections on several levels, choosing to get involved at the community level through Chamber events such as the Corn Roast Festival, the networking level through Business After Hours and also at the committee level.

Barbara Koelzer, our November Featured Monthly Investor, has not only met these requirements, but is an example of how committee involvement not only benefits the Chamber and the community at large, but benefits investors (her) directly.


October 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

Miki Roth, with the Group Real Estate, is captain of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce cheer squad. Her energy, commitment to the organization and drive to help achieve its mission, are infectious.

Whether it is attending Chamber events including Business After Hours, maintaining a clear position among the Chamber’s leadership team with her involvement as board secretary or supporting some of the Chamber’s largest fundraising programs as chair of the Annual Dinner committee and Corn Eating Contest chair for Loveland’s largest festival, the Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival, Roth is an integral part of the Chamber and never turns down an opportunity to show her support and get others on the Chamber’s bandwagon.


September 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

The future of Loveland business and community resides in the skills, vision and follow-through of Loveland’s up-and-comers. While youth play an important role, Loveland’s young professionals are on the cusp of taking Loveland to the next level. Leading this group of fearless individuals and business professionals is Nicole Point, mortgage loan officer with U.S. Bank and chair for STIR Loveland young professionals, which launched in March 2009.

Point’s professionalism and drive match those of leaders and professionals well beyond her years. Her task-oriented nature and go-get ‘em attitude ensures that the overarching vision for the group is realized. Point is the right person for the job for all things necessary to make a difference.


August 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

One of northern Colorado’s most influential up-and-coming leaders is in our own backyard – and among the Loveland’s Chamber’s finest. Nathan Klein with Loveland Commercial is not only driving Loveland and northern Colorado’s commercial real estate market forward to ensure continued economic development, but he is also behind the scenes of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and other organizations making significant strides.

Combining personal and professionals interest, Klein has quickly jumped the ranks within Loveland since joining Loveland Commercial in 2004. Through the Loveland Chamber, Klein has made strides through his involvement with the Loveland Chamber’s board of directors and through his participation in the 2009-2011 Leadership Loveland class.


July 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

When you think of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce investors who wear and have worn the most hats within the Chamber, Bob and Gail Snyder with Bob Snyder Insurance Agency, Inc. accelerate to the top of the list.

Loveland Chamber CEO Brian Willms takes pride in claiming that, ‘Everyone in Loveland – and certainly its business community – know Bob and Gail.” Perhaps this is due to their vast community involvement, genuine business practices and customer service, their ability to survive and thrive despite the economic storm or their clear cut business leadership. If you ask the Chamber, the answer is ‘all of the above’.


June 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

When it comes to passion in the workplace – and in life – no one exemplifies this more than Cathy Vance with the Group Real Estate. Since joining the Loveland Chamber of Commerce in July 2001, Vance continues to advocate for and participate in numerous Chamber and community activities. Vance is one of the most prominent and recognizable Chamber event attendees, leaving no doubt that every person she comes in contact with has – and will – leave as a friend. Vance is the very essence of everything that the Loveland Chamber strives to represent, making her the perfect recipient of the June Featured Monthly Investor recognition.


May 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

In the Chamber world, an ambassador serves as the viable and visible "goodwill arm" of the Chamber. They are instrumental in the promotion of the Chamber and its members and constantly set a positive stage for the new membership growth and existing membership retention. In short – they are an extension of the Chamber’s public relations team.

Connie Giroux, the Loveland Chamber’s featured monthly investor for May, is a tried-and-true ambassador.


Mark Weaver

Open Door HR Solutions

April 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

As a non-profit association, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce relies on skillful leadership found among its board of directors to drive its mission. Leadership is a key trait in other supporters of the Loveland Chamber as well. Committee chairs and active leads group participants also contribute a great deal to the day-to-day success of the Chamber. Mark Weaver with Open Door HR Solutions has surpassed leadership expectations through the Loveland Chamber in all areas.

Whether you ask fellow regional business leaders, Chamber staff or Chamber investors, everyone’s comments attribute to one key characteristic that Mark brings to his business, the local business and legislative environments and especially to the Loveland Chamber – his success and dynamic presence as a leader.


Rosemary Prawzdik

The Ranch

March 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

As the March Featured Monthly Investor, Prawdzik’s contribution to the Loveland Chamber can be summed up in one phrase, which encompasses so much.

“Rosemary is incredibly supportive,” said Brian Willms, president and CEO of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.

Prawdzik is active on the Local Legislative Affairs Committee, contributed many hours to ensure that the 2010 Annual Investors Dinner – complete with its silent auction – was a success and maximizes her investment by attending several events throughout the year. As you can tell, Prawdzik is anything but inactive.


John Metcalf

Perfect Square

February 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

Ask around town and most residents will tell you how they feel about Loveland, Colo. Ask our Featured Monthly Investor for February and he’ll show you. As owner/founder of JM Designs, John Metcalf has expressed his enthusiasm for the Loveland community with a modern approach, by partnering with the Loveland Chamber to design the Sweetheart City logo and artwork that captures the true essence of some of Loveland’s most memorable landmarks. This includes Lake Loveland, Devil’s Backbone and Mariana Butte. Each image will be adorned on T-shirts, coffee mugs, posters and other merchandise available for purchase from the Loveland Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center and through its online store. Perhaps his remarkable aesthetic perception of the beloved city was inspired by his active involvement – and success – with the Loveland Chamber. Read more...


Brian Brooks

Brooks Investigation, Inc.

January 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

Spreading business wishes and wealth is the name of the game for Brian Brooks, owner of Brooks Investigations – especially when it comes to his support and participation of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Since joining the Loveland Chamber in 2007, Brooks has made a point of getting to know fellow investors, attending events, participating in the legislative affairs committee and Friday Afternoon Club (FAC), the Chamber’s casual leads group. His involvement in each has contributed back to the Chamber as Brooks has become a ‘good will ambassador’ for the Loveland Chamber.


Roger Bates

Roger Bates, CPA

December 2009 - Featured Monthly Investor

If there is someone who knows about Chamber leadership, it is Roger Bates. A longtime Loveland Chamber investor and the 2003 board chair, Bates has supported the Loveland Chamber through many changes and has remained an integral contributor.

Bates’ leadership and contribution have been seen on many levels through participation in a number of roles over the years. Most notably, Bates has served as a leader and advisor to the Loveland Chamber Board of Directors, various CEO’s, committees and Leadership Loveland. He has aided in several CEO selections, assisting the selection committee involved in choosing current CEO, Brian Willms, and is regularly part of the nominating committee and recruitment of board members. Bates even held the Interim CEO position during the transition from Vicky Heitman and Gaye Stockman.


Maryjo Morgan and Fred Richart

Fred's Used Websites

November 2009 - Featured Monthly Investor

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Maryjo Morgan and Fred Richart, principals with Fred's Used Websites, as the 2009 November Featured Monthly Investor! Fred and Maryjo are the Chamber’s second recipients of what we foresee becoming an honored and long-standing tradition with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.

When you look in the dictionary to view the description of a Chamber investor, don’t be surprised to see Maryjo Morgan and Fred Richart of Fred’s Used Websites as the given example. Since joining the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, both Fred and Maryjo have been active participants, exemplifying what Chamber investment is all about - networking, sharing and support with and for fellow investors.


Del Hunter

CMIT Solutions

October 2009 - Featured Monthly Investor

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Del Hunter, principal with Northern Colorado's CMIT Solutions, as the 2009 October Featured Monthly Investor! It should also be noted that Del is the Chamber's first ever recipient of what we hope will become an honored and long-standing tradition with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.

Known as one of the Loveland Chamber’s ‘unofficial ambassadors’, Del Hunter is an active Chamber investor who not only contributes to the Chamber through event and program participation, but who also goes above and beyond to help the Loveland Chamber ensure that it provides investors with the best possible opportunities, through technology and his feedback on the Leads Programs.


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