Our Featured Investors

Every month the Loveland Chamber of Commerce will be showcasing one of our investors as our Featured Monthly Investor. This fun, but informative section of our website is designed specifically to recognize those Loveland Chamber investors who not only reap the benefits of chamber participation, but also contribute back for the good of the entire Chamber community.



December 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

Davidson Gebhardt Auto Group has been recognized as the chamber's December 2013 Featured Monthly Investor. They continue to support the chamber in many ways. Learm more about Davidson Gebhardt Auto Group through our business directory. 


September 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

The Pourhouse Bar & Grill has been recognized as the chamber's September 2013 Featured Monthly Investor. They continue to support the chamber and are home to several chamber committee meetings each month.

Learn more about Pourhouse Bar & Grill online through our business directory.  Thank you to the Pourhouse for your contributions to the chamber!


August 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

Mary McCambridge with Home State Bank has been recognized as the chamber's August 2013 Featured Monthly Investor. Mary continues to support the chamber as a board member and an active member.

Learn more about Home State Bank online through our business directory.  Thank you to Mary and Home State Bank for your contributions to the chamber!


July 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

Kaiser Permanente has been recognized as the chamber's July 2013 Featured Monthly Investor. Members of their team continue to support the chamber through volunteerism and sponsorships. 

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente through our business directory. Thank you to the Kaiser Permanente team for your contributions to the chamber!


June 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

Debbie Davis with Guaranty Bank & Trust as well as the Loveland Elks Lodge 1051, has been recognized as the chamber's June 2013 Featured Monthly Investor. Debbie continues to support the chamber as a board member and an active member.

Learn more about Guaranty Bank & Trust online through our business directory. Thank you to Debbie and Guaranty Bank & Trust for your contributions to the chamber!


May 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

With wedding season in full bloom, coordinators are busy assisting brides and grooms in their planning. Managing a busy events center and bed and breakfast while also balancing involvement in the chamber can be quite difficult, but is effectively managed by Linda Stotz of the McCreery House.  Not only does she run one of Loveland’s most unique event centers, Linda remains active in the Ambassador Program for the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.  For her enthusiasm in the community and contributions to business in Loveland, Linda has been named the May Featured Monthly Investor. 


April 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

There is no end to the abundance of giving, and that is especially true of Dawn Paepke of McKee Medical Center Foundation. Dawn is known throughout the community for her giving spirit. Her impressive list of contributions includes her dedication to young professionals  through the Stir Loveland Young Professionals’ Steering Committee.  Dawn’s contributions to Stir have earned her the recognition of April 2013 Featured Monthly Investor.


March 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

All through the month of February, Loveland businesses come alive with decorations in honor of the Valentine Business Decorating Contest. The contest is the brainchild of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing Resource Committee. The success of this contest in 2013, its best year yet, would not have been possible without the unwavering leadership and commitment of Maryjo Morgan with Fred’s Used Websites. Maryjo’s participation as part of the Marketing Resource Committee as well as her involvement with the chamber and community is why she was named the March Featured Monthly Investor.


February 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

Eric Weedin, of Weedin Insurance Agency, has been serving the community of Loveland for many years.  His enthusiasm for providing exceptional customer service in insurance is apparent.  His passion for chamber involvement started young as he watched his father and grandfather serve as members. Being a member of the chamber is a necessity for him and his business.  His willingness to serve the chamber as well as the community is why he is the February Featured Monthly Investor.


January 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

The natural beauty of Loveland is a source of pride for city residents, as well as a business opportunity.  Keeping the best interest of both can be challenging, but Vince Deely of Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch does a great job combining the two.  During his time at the Ranch, Vince has helped grow business by promoting services to fellow Loveland businesses and residents. Vince’s dedication to the chamber through his constant participation, enthusiasm to host and plan events at Sylvan Dale contribute to his recognition as the chamber’s January 2013 Featured Monthly Investor.


December 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

Knowing the value of customer service can be a tough skill to learn, but for Bob Skillman with the Group Real Estate, it was his parents’ business that taught him the importance of customer service and hard work.  After working in the public sector for 24 years, Bob decided to increase his focus on customer service and relationships by getting into real estate.  His contributions to Loveland Chamber of Commerce as an ambassador have been plentiful; earning him the recognition as the chamber’s December Featured Monthly Investor.


November 2012- Featured Monthly Investor

Innovation, collaboration and motivation are key components to moving a community forward and John Soricelli with Next Peak Business Solutions has the personality and obvious desire to make that happen by being involved in major roles at the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. He has demonstrated his ability to always put his ‘best foot forward’ and with a strong vision for the chamber’s future, John has been recognized as the November Featured Monthly Investor.


October 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to make a commitment and volunteer for any organization. However, the benefits of being involved can help you personally, professionally and can benefit your community.  The Loveland Chamber has been fortunate enough to have someone like Betty Gustafson, an independant business owner with ACN, as an active investor and ambassador.  Betty taps into the full potential that chamber membership has to offer and for that,  she is recognized as the October Featured Monthly Investor.


September 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

With the political season in full swing, individuals and business owners are continually seeking updates and insight on current legislative issues, both locally, statewide and federal. It’s important for the Loveland Chamber of Commerce to understand how these issues and policy affect local business owners and the local business climate. Having dedicated, passionate and informed business owners serve in leadership roles at the chamber greatly contribute to the organization’s ability to meet its mission of promoting business and community prosperity. Pete Gazlay, president of Total Facility Care, is one of those leaders and has been recognized as the September Featured Monthly Investor.


August 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

Loveland is home to vibrant and dynamic community participants who continually provide support, motivation and dedication to the chamber. One of those is Amy Ayer, sales and catering manager with Best Western PLUS Crossroads Inn and Conference Center. Amy has continued to be a vital part of our chamber community who produces great results with every challenge she takes on.

As the 2011 Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival volunteer coordinator and 2012 festival co-chair, Amy has, with all her success, proven to be energetic, resourceful and encouraging to those she encounters. For her contributions to the chamber and the Corn Roast Festival, Amy has been recognized as the August 2012 Featured Monthly Investor.


July 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

Service to the chamber has a profound impact on the chamber’s mission of promoting business and community prosperity. This point is evident as vice chair of the chamber Ambassadors, Rocci Bryan has showcased his service through his eagerness to volunteer when needed and as someone who cares and exemplifies absolute dedication to the chamber all while maintaining a positive standing with the local business community.


June 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

As a member of the Chamber for more than 20 years, it’s no doubt that Dave Clark with Candlelight Dinner Playhouse has been an instrumental part of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s success. From his contributions on the chamber boards finance committee to his continued and active voice as an advocate for business, Dave has shown his commitment to business and the community. For his continued contributions to the chamber, he has been named the May 2012 Featured Monthly Investor.


May 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

Being a Loveland Chamber of Commerce ambassador is a role that is served with pride, passion and commitment to business. Noreen Flood with Daily Money Solutions is a chamber investor who fits that description perfectly. For her contributions to the chamber as an ambassador and volunteer, Noreen has been recognized as the chamber’s May 2012 Featured Monthly Investor.


April 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

The Loveland community is no stranger to extraordinary leaders and exceptional mentors, but when it comes to innate wisdom, keen leadership skills and a sphere of influence, Ann Clarke, the founder and CEO of Colorado Women of Influence, is the crème de la crème.  Ann’s enthusiasm for small business support, passion for community involvement, ability to mentor and her attributions to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce has named her our April 2012 Featured Monthly Investor.


March 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ In the case of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, a picture by Don Reilly of DJR Imaging, tells the story of business and community prosperity achieved by the Chamber through its various programs and events. Don has volunteered his time, and his photography skills, to the Chamber’s Annual Dinner, Valentine Business Decorating Contest, Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival, various Business After and Before Hours and Ribbon Cuttings. For his contributions and volunteerism through the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, Don Reilly is recognized as the March 2012 Featured Monthly Investor.


February 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

Paul and Teresa Mueller with Mueller & Associates CPA, LLC have made an immediate impact on Loveland’s business community, in large part due to their passion for community involvement and supporting local business. Not only do they give to the community, they have also given their time and talents to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Their involvement to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce since they joined in 2008 is recognized as they have been chosen as the February 2012 Featured Monthly Investors.


January 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

Christine Kapperman with the Loveland Reporter Herald has seen, heard and reported on many exciting events and opportunities within the city of Loveland for years. She has a keen vision for the community and its businesses and has brought that passion and focus to her various roles with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Because of her many contributions through her role on the board of directors, Christine has been recognized as our January 2012 Featured Monthly Investor.


December 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Even jet-setting business professionals recognize and appreciate their local Chamber of Commerce. Jim Maggio, owner of SitTXT Broadcast, a local text-message marketing company, is a prime example.  When Jim isn’t overseas working on deals for his technology companies, he is embracing his local community and working to add value at any stage. For his contributions to the Chamber through the Marketing Resource Committee, leads group involvement and help with membership drives, Jim has been recognized as our December 2011 Featured Monthly Investor.



November 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Small business owners have a choice when it comes to how they market their business, how they make connections and how they give back. Connie Luke with High Impact Signs and Graphics uses the Loveland Chamber of Commerce as a strategic tool for her business. She also gives back wholeheartedly to the Chamber, making her the November Featured Monthly Investor.


October 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Jeff Coleman with Davidson Gebhardt Auto Group could be an honorary Chamber staff member with how often you see him at Chamber functions and in the Chamber office. Jeff’s visibility through the Chamber can be attributed to his desire to gain also gain visibility for his business and his desire to help other investors maximize Chamber benefits. For his role as an active and friendly Chamber ambassador, Jeff has earned recognition as our October 2011 Featured Monthly Investor.

Through his businesses, both former and current, Jeff has been an active Chamber investor who has capitalized on the Ambassadors Group, one of the Chamber’s best programs to engage with fellow Chamber investors


September 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Cheryl Redmond, owner of Loveland-based Dental Fitness & Spa, is a great example of how even relatively new Chamber investors can jump in, give back and achieve ROI. Since joining the Loveland Chamber in 2010, Cheryl has made it a point to meet other investors, get involved and ultimately, give back to her Chamber community.

As a Chamber Ambassador, Cheryl is active in events and membership. Not only is Cheryl a staple at ribbon cutting ceremonies for new investors, she lead all Ambassadors and volunteers with the first Membership Drive of 2011 by referring one new Chamber investors and 10 new prospects.


August 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Jean Mooney with the Larimer Humane Society is the kind of leader/contributor/ambassador that any non-profit organization or association dreams of having. Mooney’s contributions to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce run deep and have impacted the organization and its investors more than can be seen on the surface. For her extensive impact on the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, Mooney has been chosen as our August 2011 Featured Monthly Investor.

It takes a strong, committed individual to implement effective change in an organization, especially on a volunteer basis. On numerous occasions as a board member, Mooney has stepped into the lead when the Chamber needed it most.


July 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Work smarter – not harder is a successful slogan that Marie DeWolf with DeWolf-Tarin & Associates Insurance Agency embodies with her brilliant ideas and enormous energy to create innovative change. Marie exemplifies a friendly yet professional presence at Chamber functions and within the community. She is a dedicated Chamber Ambassador who regularly contributes through meetings and ribbon cuttings. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, such as the time she jumped in as master of ceremonies for a Business After Hours event after a last minute cancellation. She has served on the board of directors; has served on most Chamber committees including the Corn Roast Festival committee and the Annual dinner committee; helped with membership drives and business referrals and did we mention that she owns a successful insurance business? Marie’s determination, efficiency and permanent can-do attitude secure her role as the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s July Featured Monthly Investor.


June 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Dawn Paepke doesn’t need an introduction. Anyone involved in Loveland’s community has either heard of or interacted with Dawn through a common cause or event. Dawn’s work as event coordinator with McKee Medical Center Foundation has certainly played a part in her region-wide recognition; however it is her willingness to contribute to the community as a whole that has earned her the acknowledgment as the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s June Featured Monthly Investor. Plus, she brings the perfect mix of fun and professionalism to any opportunity.


May 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Chamber involvement is good for business – literally. Our May 2011 Featured Monthly Investor, Bill Bond with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, is a prime example of how to be successful with your local Chamber of Commerce. Get involved, gain visibility, make strategic connections and give back. By focusing on these things, Bill has seen his insurance business grow. In fact, more than 30 percent of Bill’s current business can be attributed to his Chamber connections.


April 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Susan Arbini with Banner Occupational Health Services operates at 120 percent 100 percent of the time. On a daily basis she masters the art of networking, Chamber investor relations and event attendance. Oh, and did we mention that she is also a rock star at her paid job? All of these are key reasons that Susan was chosen as the April Featured Monthly Investor. However, she is also an incredibly enthusiastic and pleasant person to be around.


March 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Amy Madden Copp is a thinker. Amy is also a doer, and a leader. She has mastered the ability to combine strategic, visionary thinking with unmatched follow-through, a trait that has propelled her career in northern Colorado. It is also rare to find someone in the community who doesn’t know of Amy and who doesn’t rave about her many talents. As our Featured Monthly Investor for March 2011, the Chamber recognizes Amy for this as well as her longtime Chamber support and hard work with creating Stir Loveland Young Professionals, the Loveland Chamber’s young professionals group through the Chamber.


February 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Sean McCarthy gets it. He understands that engagement, not only in life but also in career and community, is a key driver in overall success. As a business coach with Colorado Coaching Company, Sean devotes his time and talent to his clients, ensuring their growth and success; however he manages to also focus on his own professional growth through community involvement and his commitment to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.


January 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

During any superior acceptance speech, the recognized party gives thanks to those that have supported them along the way. For its continued success with Loveland business, any Loveland Chamber of Commerce acceptance speech – including those from staff, Ambassadors and STIR young professionals – would include a special thanks to Mechelle Martz-Mayfield with Thompson Education Foundation for her behind-the-scenes and driving roles supporting a variety of programs and committees.


December 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

Vision is an exceptional trait for a business professional. The ability to create a vision, articulate, act on and drive that vision is a sign of a highly successful leader and is no easy feat to accomplish. However, Jay Hardy with McWhinney has this perfect mixture mastered.

Hardy, who ends his board term this month, has served on the Loveland Chamber board of directors since January 2006 and has continued to showcase his influential yet collaborative approach to business through a variety of board projects.


November 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

A rolodex of opportunities is available for Loveland Chamber investors to capitalize on their investment. Some of the most successful Chamber investors are those that see the value of making connections on several levels, choosing to get involved at the community level through Chamber events such as the Corn Roast Festival, the networking level through Business After Hours and also at the committee level.

Barbara Koelzer, our November Featured Monthly Investor, has not only met these requirements, but is an example of how committee involvement not only benefits the Chamber and the community at large, but benefits investors (her) directly.


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