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Cathy Vance, The Group Real Estate

June 2010 - Featured Monthly Investo

When it comes to passion in the workplace – and in life – no one exemplifies this more than Cathy Vance with the Group Real Estate. Since joining the Loveland Chamber of Commerce in July 2001, Vance continues to advocate for and participate in numerous Chamber and community activities. Vance is one of the most prominent and recognizable Chamber event attendees, leaving no doubt that every person she comes in contact with has – and will – leave as a friend. Vance is the very essence of everything that the Loveland Chamber strives to represent, making her the perfect recipient of the June Featured Monthly Investor recognition.

It is exceedingly apparent to the Loveland Chamber staff that Vance’s recognition for this honor was extremely overdue. As a regular at the monthly Business After Hours events, Vance is always eager to give and receive advice with other participants and works hard to connect people on both a business and social level.

Even as a bustling REALTOR who is constantly out-and-about finding new residents new homes and assisting with relocations, Vance still finds the time to help out in many philanthropic activities – both in and out of the Chamber. Vance is an integral part of the Loveland Chamber’s largest annual – and only – community festival, the Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival. Taking on and holding the role of chair for the past three years, Vance heads all Corn Roast committee activities, which happen at least eight months out of each year.

Loveland Chamber president and CEO Brian Willms notes that Vance’s commitment and passion to the Chamber is invaluable. “The Corn Roast Festival remains our largest community event and requires a dedicated Chamber staff and committee. Cathy’s drive and determination as the event chair ensures that the event is successful and evolves each year,” said Willms. “Outside of the Corn Roast Festival, Vance is a regular at our Business After Hours events. Every person at this event respects and views Vance as a key contributor to Chamber community, as she brings a unique level of commitment to everything that she does. Coupled with that, her outgoing and friendly attitude makes her a vital part of our Chamber investor team.”

In addition to the Corn Roast Festival, Vance has been a part of numerous community involved companies and non-profit organizations. She has served on the board of directors for Hearts & Horses Inc., as a company coordinator for the United Way Fundraising and has participated in Habitat for Humanity builds from 2000 to 2003.

Hear it from Cathy:

“I joined the Loveland Chamber as soon as I started on my own at The Group and became active as a Chamber Ambassador, on the board of directors, attending Chamber events and serving various roles on the Corn Roast Festival Committee. I took advantage of advertising opportunities throughout the years, which has led customers to find me. ” I have told many people who are considering investing in the Chamber that they will definitely receive a payback through their business if they take advantage of all the opportunities the Chamber offers; but they have to participate and get involved! I have received customers, and as a result business, from my Chamber involvement – it has paid for itself many times over!”

"I think the monthly Business after Hours event is a great way to meet and establish a connection with people from all types of businesses in our community; there is such a wide exposure to many groups. I also feel committees are a good way to get involved in the community, and well as with the Chamber staff.

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