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Mark Weaver, Open Door HR Solutions

April 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

Mark Weaver

As a non-profit association, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce relies on skillful leadership found among its board of directors to drive its mission. Leadership is a key trait in other supporters of the Loveland Chamber as well. Committee chairs and active leads group participants also contribute a great deal to the day-to-day success of the Chamber. Mark Weaver with Open Door HR Solutions has surpassed leadership expectations through the Loveland Chamber in all areas.

Whether you ask fellow regional business leaders, Chamber staff or Chamber investors, everyone’s comments attribute to one key characteristic that Mark brings to his business, the local business and legislative environments and especially to the Loveland Chamber – his success and dynamic presence as a leader.

Weaver has been a long-time Loveland Chamber investor and has served in a variety of roles. He has and continues to be active in the B2B Leads Group, accepts committee opportunities as often as possible, regularly attends Chamber functions, promotes the Chamber throughout the business community and has been a staple to the board of directors. Throughout every opportunity at the Chamber and in business, Weaver’s leadership and presence shines through.

According to David May, president of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, and someone who works directly with Mark through the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (NCLA), “Some people have a high capacity to keep lots of balls in the air at once. Mark Weaver is one of those folks, and I have a great deal of personal admiration for him. Whether it is opening his own business, serving as the Chair of the Loveland Chamber while they were searching for a new president and serving on the executive committee of NCLA and now as the chair. We’re fortunate to have Mark’s leadership in Northern Colorado.”

Another NCLA colleague Sarah MacQuiddy, president of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, shares similar sentiment. “Mark is visionary, understands regional cooperation and truly wants the best for the business communities in Northern Colorado. I am always impressed by his ability to provide leadership in any aspect that he works in. He embraces the leadership role and is one of the rare leaders who knows how to be inclusive, bringing people into the discussion and making everyone feel a part of the bigger picture. Through NCLA, I have seen Mark’s talents in each interaction – he excels at bringing out everyone’s individual talents. “

Loveland Chamber president and CEO Brian Willms believes that Weaver’s contributions to the Chamber are multifaceted. “Mark has been the glue holding the Loveland Chamber board of directors together. As chair, he re-implemented the executive committee, which has been a huge advantage for the overall direction and focus of the board. As chair emeritus, he continues to offer great advice and serve as a leadership role model. His role on the board during the Chamber’s leadership transition in Sept. 2008 helped ensure that the Chamber continued to run smoothly,” said Willms. “With NCLA, his passion and dedication is unmatched. He stays regularly informed on the issues and proactively brings and encourages feedback on NCLA’s stance. At the same time, he is well respected by other community leaders and his opinion on important business and legislative action is often sought after. He is also one of the board members who attends Chamber events and remains visible. He is at almost every Business After Hours, and played an important role in the success of our Annual Investor’s Dinner last January.”

According to Mark:

Q: How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?

Mark’s A: The Loveland Chamber offers education, advocacy, visibility, and connections. I’ve taken advantage of many of the cyber chats (education), Business After Hours (visibility), and the B2B Leads Group (connections). I am active on the NCLA Board of Directors, so am heavily involved in the advocacy role of the Chamber, attending all of the Monday Morning Meetings with Legislators. I have also found staff members to be a great resource and to bounce ideas off of. They all think business.

Q: What Chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable?

Mark’s A: That’s a tough one. I really enjoy the B2B Leads Group. Everyone watches out for one another and refers business where appropriate. I also enjoy attending Business After Hours because I like meeting new people and mingling. In terms of value though, I see tremendous value in the work of NCLA, which is a joint subcommittee of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Fort Collins and Greeley Chamber and the NCEDC. Staying on top of all of the issues impacting business on the state and federal level would be impossible by myself. NCLA is a great example of regional collaboration – where we have a much greater voice together than we do separately.

Q: What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?

Mark’s A: There are all kinds of business organizations you can join in the area. Some are more social, and some are focused just on their particular place in the region. The Loveland Chamber is about business, providing busy business owners with information and resources they need to thrive. And it also has a great regional focus, partnering with area Chambers and other business organizations to provide even more connections. What has been the top benefit to you for your chamber involvement? I really enjoy the relationships. I’ve met some great business leaders that I really respect in the community through my involvement with the Loveland Chamber.