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Brian Brooks, Brooks Investigation, Inc.

Brian Brooks with Brooks Investigations

JANUARY 2010 Featured Monthly Investor

Spreading business wishes and wealth is the name of the game for Brian Brooks, owner of Brooks Investigations – especially when it comes to his support and participation of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Since joining the Loveland Chamber in 2007, Brooks has made a point of getting to know fellow investors, attending events, participating in the legislative affairs committee and Friday Afternoon Club (FAC), the Chamber’s casual leads group. His involvement in each has contributed back to the Chamber as Brooks has become a ‘good will ambassador’ for the Loveland Chamber.

When Loveland Chamber investors are looking for business information and connections at monthly events, Brooks is there offering advice, tips and his rolodex of contacts for business success. When the Loveland Chamber staff is pursuing feedback on its services and programs, Brooks is leading the way, encouraging fellow investors to provide the details necessary to continue making the Loveland Chamber the driving force for business in Loveland.

According to Jim Worthen, director of investor services, ‘Brian has done an outstanding job of recruiting future Chamber investors and serving as an ‘unofficial ambassador’ for us. He is someone who truly takes advantage of the resources that the Chamber offers and is happy to spread his excitement on how the Chamber can also help others in the Loveland business community.’ In addition, Brian has volunteered his time helping at out at the annual Corn Roast Festival. In 2009, he braved the heat, helping with the corn cooking team and assisted with tear-down of the event.

In his spare time, you can find Brian jammin’ out with many local bands, including Harley and the V-Twins, the band of Harley Osterlund, fellow Chamber investor and owner of Harley’s House of Sound.

According to Brian Brooks

“The most successful part of my investment has been networking, meeting great business owners, sharing information and being a part of the business community. I have enjoyed being part of such a great organization with some of the best people I have had the opportunity to interact with. Through networking, Brooks Investigation has developed a great client base. The legislative affairs committee is an important part of the Chamber. I am proud to have been a part of that committee. Regarding Loveland, I could not have picked a better community to retire from the Army in. I believe in Loveland. I believe this to be a great community with great people that care.”

What to meet Brian? Join him at the following upcoming functions:

  • Business After Hours @ Orchards Athletic Club, Jan. 7, 2010, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday Afternoon Club @ Monroe’s Lounge, Best Western

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