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Vince Deely, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

January 2013 - Featured Monthly Investor

The natural beauty of Loveland is a source of pride for city residents, as well as a business opportunity.  Keeping the best interest of both can be challenging, but Vince Deely of Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch does a great job combining the two.  During his time at the Ranch, Vince has helped grow business by promoting services to fellow Loveland businesses and residents. Vince’s dedication to the chamber through his constant participation, enthusiasm to host and plan events at Sylvan Dale contribute to his recognition as the chamber’s January 2013 Featured Monthly Investor.

Vince brings nearly 31 years of marketing experience and love of nature to Loveland and to Sylvan Dale.  He strives to help Sylvan Dale and the chamber by building relationships.

“I have known Vince since he became a member of the chamber.  He is a regular at the Early Birds leads group and always brings with him energy and excitement for our great Colorado outdoors.  He is always willing to step up to help out whenever the need arises, including Sylvan Dale hosting Business After Hours last month.  He is a great asset to the Loveland Chamber,” said Betty Gustafson, an independent business owner with ACN and a Loveland Chamber of Commerce ambassador.

“Vince is a great example for others looking to gain the most from their chamber investment. He is an active leads group member and an overall asset,” said Mindy McCloughan, CEO of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.

Hear it from Vince:

How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?

Participating in the chamber has helped me become more engaged in community events and meet great new people that I would not have met otherwise.  For Sylvan Dale Ranch, it has created opportunities to spread the word about our Meetings and Retreats facilities among local businesses (all potential clients!)

What chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable?

Twice monthly Leads Group meetings are valuable for staying connected and developing relationships...I also enjoy the Business After Hours for networking in a more casual's helpful for getting to know fellow investors on a more personal level.

What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?

If you're interested in expanding your network, it's a great tool for building business and personal get as much out of the chamber as you're willing to give, and you need to put yourself out there, but it's not hard-people are very friendly and we're all in the chamber for the common good.  It's also a great way to get engaged in fun community events, like the Corn Roast Festival. 

What has been the top benefit to you for your chamber involvement? 

On a personal level, I've made good contacts for dentist, auto repair and insurance for my family that I'm 100% happy with.  For Sylvan Dale Ranch, getting involved with the chamber has given us the opportunity to reinforce awareness of Sylvan Dale and consistently "talk up" the events and services we're promoting.

Which events will we see you at in January/February?

Definitely the Leads Group and Business After Hours. I've been invited to participate in a Business Before Hours and hope to check out the January event.