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Susan Arbini, Banner Occupational Health Services

April 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Susan Arbini with Banner Occupational Health Services operates at 120 percent 100 percent of the time. On a daily basis she masters the art of networking, Chamber investor relations and event attendance. Oh, and did we mention that she is also a rock star at her paid job? All of these are key reasons that Susan was chosen as the April Featured Monthly Investor. However, she is also an incredibly enthusiastic and pleasant person to be around.

If you’ve been to a Chamber event, chances are you have interacted with Susan. You may have even received a thank you or mentoring call from Susan to make sure you are tapped into the Chamber. According to Chamber president/CEO Brian Willms, Susan Arbini is everywhere – and always brings a smile and critical thinking skills to the table.

“As an investor and vice chair of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, Susan represents the Chamber very well at all of our monthly and major events and as a Loveland business professional,” said Willms. “Overall, Susan is one of the most dedicated and hardest working Chamber investors and Ambassadors I’ve seen at our Chamber or any Chamber for that matter. Susan always has kind words to say about others, is quick to help when you have a challenge and full of compassion for others.”

While her company has been invested with the Loveland Chamber for years, Susan Arbini stepped into a leadership role with the Chamber through her involvement with the Ambassador program. Joining the Ambassadors in Jan. 2010, Susan quickly immersed herself in the role, learning about the Chamber, engaging with its resources and connecting with other investors. Susan quickly became a role model Ambassador and within her first year on the committee, she easily earned the Ambassador of the Year honor. Ambassador of the Year is historically an honor that only the most senior, most engaged Ambassadors are eligible to earn. Because of Susan’s drive to jump in and support the Chamber, she was among the Chamber’s finest for the award – one of the first times a ‘rookie’ emerged to win the coveted title.

“Susan is one of the best promoters of the Loveland Chamber I have ever worked with and she does it with a smile and complete professionalism. Susan is a great team player and is willing to listen to anyone’s comments or concerns and often offers great advice,” said Jim Worthen, director of investor services.

As a natural leader, Susan has been an excellent addition to the Ambassador team. She brings exceptional listening and problem solving skills and takes a personal initiative to ensure the overall success of the Chamber’s most prestigious committee.

“Susan gets it. She gets business, she gets professionalism, she gets community and she gets how to maximize on an association. She brings a high level of critical thinking to every task – making each and every opportunity to connect with other investors a win for her and her organization. I admire Susan as a person and as a professional colleague through the Chamber and strongly believe Loveland is greater place with her presence,” said Nicole Yost, director of communications.

Here it from Susan:

  • How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?

I think that the top benefit to Banner Occupational Health Services has been to keep us apprised of all the new businesses that might relocate to Loveland as well as small businesses that may either be new to the Chamber or new to Loveland. This gives me the opportunity to meet many businesses that might one day use our services at Banner Occupational Health Services as well as to build positive long term relationships.

  • What Chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable?

I have found being an Ambassador to be very valuable! The Ambassador team is an awesome group of dedicated business volunteers who help the Loveland Chamber mentor other Chamber members. It is an incredible way to keep up with all the opportunities available to Chamber investors including legislative issues that affect our local businesses. I also really enjoy Business Before Hours, Business After Hours, the Net Gains Leads group and all the ribbon cuttings! Each one gives me the opportunity to meet different business owners and to build relationships. In addition, through these relationships, I make decisions about who to personally do business with, from carpet cleaning to auto repair!

  • What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?

A Chamber Investment can provide the best return on investment that small or large business owner can receive! There are very few marketing opportunities where I can get advertising through print and/or visibility from a group that will also advocate for us on the state and local level. The chamber gives us opportunities to connect with other business owners in our local community, and provides educational opportunities as well! Each staff member at the Loveland Chamber is so helpful and willing to help each of us succeed.

  • What has been the top benefit to you for your chamber involvement?

I think the visibility and the ability to have brand awareness for Banner Occupational Health Services is the top benefit we have received from our Chamber investment. The more involved I become the greater the benefits I receive.

  • Which events will we see you in April and May?
    I will be at Business Before Hours, Business After Hours, and our Ambassador Team meeting!