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Bill Bond, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

May 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Chamber involvement is good for business – literally. Our May 2011 Featured Monthly Investor, Bill Bond with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, is a prime example of how to be successful with your local Chamber of Commerce. Get involved, gain visibility, make strategic connections and give back. By focusing on these things, Bill has seen his insurance business grow. In fact, more than 30 percent of Bill’s current business can be attributed to his Chamber connections.

Bill has been an active Loveland Chamber Ambassador for years, serving as chair in 2010. While he takes a considerable amount of pride in his role with one of the Loveland Chamber’s most vital programs, Bill is the kind of guy who naturally goes above and beyond. He regularly volunteers to help at Business After Hours, Business Before Hours and other events, but he also is quick to volunteer for larger opportunities such as the membership drive, Business Expo, Corn Roast Parade and Corn Roast Festival. We expect to see him at every event, not because he is required to do so, but because he wants to and finds value in being at Chamber events.

No matter what he is involved with, Bill remains a very upbeat and optimistic person. He is the type of person who finds a way to do something or solve a problem instead of finding the problem or saying something can’t be done. He regularly has a smile on his face and a joke or story to share. His upbeat personality and go-get-‘em attitude not only impact the Chamber, but the larger community as well.

Bill has been working closely with Chamber president/CEO Brian Willms to establish a welcome wagon for potential Aerospace & Clean Energy (ACE) businesses and employees coming to Loveland. While the Welcome Wagon program is still being developed, the plan is to be a resource to the new businesses and individuals for becoming established in a new community. The Welcome Wagon is aimed to help connect them with banks, utilities, schools, churches, vendors, etc… Bill has been instrumental with ideas and follow-through for the project, including the plan to put together collateral with instructions and information on where and how to set-up your utilities, register your vehicle, find a doctor, etc.

Finally, Bill also finds the time to give back to the community, most recently through the Help Kids Succeed committee through the Thompson Education Foundation. “Bill has been extremely active with this community project and is willing to roll up his sleeves and take on anything required to get the job done. Bill is a dedicated professional who follows through on projects assigned to him in addition to ones he takes on himself. He always adds creative ideas to make the future brighter for both the Chamber and the Loveland community,” said Jim Worthen, director of investor services.

Hear it from Bill

  1. How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?
    By being an active Ambassador, it is my only formal leads/networking program in my practice. It has provided about 30% of my business, simply by being involved and helping both the Chamber itself and the investors directly.

  2. What Chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable?
    I would say personally, the Ambassadors committee has been vital! It allows me to increase my exposure exponentially and places me in a positive light in the community. It also allows me to meet my core demographic on a favorable basis, a key hurdle to overcome in any industry.

  3. What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?
    If you’re either B2B or B2C with a local/regional focus, it is an extremely good investment assuming you plan to be active. If you plan to be passive, it is still a good use of your marketing dollars as any standard type of marketing, but being active is where it’s at!

  4. What has been the top benefit to you for your Chamber involvement?*
    The top benefit to me has been the people I’ve become connected with. In today’s business world, it’s as much about who you know, as what you know. The first gets you in the door, the second keeps you there. The community connections I’ve made through the Chamber are invaluable, and can’t be measured in mere dollars and cents.

  5. Which events will we see you in May?
    I’ll be at every event in May that I can, the Ambassadors meeting, Business After Hours, Business Before Hours, many of the ribbon cuttings and Stir Loveland young professionals. The reason? Many of the benefits I receive from the Chamber is getting to meet fantastic people and interact with many I wouldn’t otherwise see.