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Dawn Paepke, McKee Medical Center Foundation

June 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Dawn Paepke doesn’t need an introduction. Anyone involved in Loveland’s community has either heard of or interacted with Dawn through a common cause or event. Dawn’s work as event coordinator with McKee Medical Center Foundation has certainly played a part in her region-wide recognition; however it is her willingness to contribute to the community as a whole that has earned her the acknowledgment as the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s June Featured Monthly Investor. Plus, she brings the perfect mix of fun and professionalism to any opportunity.

Dawn is a strong Chamber supporter. Not only is she a regularly active participant representing McKee Medical Center Foundation at our networking events, but she brings tremendous value to the Chamber’s young professionals group, Stir Loveland, and to the Annual Meeting through her committee work.

As a Stir Loveland member since the fall of 2009, Dawn jumped right in with her expertise. After joining the steering committee in the summer of 2010, Dawn immediately put her experience with Emerge Colorado (the first regional young professionals group in northern Colorado), as an event coordinator, as a DJ with KRFC and her general can-do attitude to work to better the group. She has been instrumental in giving the group direction and identity when the group seemed to be struggling. Her experience from Emerge provided her credibility to the Stir Steering Committee as she gave feedback, suggestions and direction on what Stir should be doing to become a value to young professionals in Loveland and northern Colorado.

Dawn has also been a key player in planning the Loveland Chamber’s Annual Dinner, providing invaluable experience and feedback. With her event background, Dawn gave honest feedback about venues, setup, A/V and programming. She also took on a great deal of work towards the silent auction, helping it become the largest in Chamber history. She brought a valuable perspective as an event planner to the committee which assured that we were asking the right questions, giving consideration to items and pointing out opportunities and challenges that may normally be missed by those without her experience.

“Dawn has a very confident presence about her. When you are around Dawn, you not only believe you can get things done, you know you will get things done,” said Brian Willms, Loveland Chamber of Commerce president/CEO.

Hear it from Dawn:

1. How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?
Being an investor with the Loveland Chamber is integral to the work I do as an Event Coordinator with the McKee Medical Center Foundation. I find that I meet a lot of people through my interactions with Stir Loveland. A lot of people are looking for ways to get more involved with the community and I’m able to make connections through Stir for event sponsorships and volunteers.

2. What Chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable? Stir is super valuable!
I’ve met so many wonderful, caring and community minded professionals in Loveland.

3. What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?
I would say that it is definitely a good investment. It’s a good, cost effective investment. Especially if you’re a small business – being involved with the Chamber is a key way to make connections and market your business.

4. What has been the top benefit to you for your chamber involvement?
The top benefit for me has been all of the great people I’ve met. Loveland has a small town attitude with a big city perspective and knowing the people that make things work in Loveland is important for me professionally and for the Foundation as well.

5. Which events will we see you in June?
I’ll be at the next Stir event on June 16th and I have a feeling I’ll be at a committee meeting for the 2012 Annual Meeting!