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Jean Mooney, Larimer Humane Society

August 2011 - Featured Monthly Investor

Jean Mooney with the Larimer Humane Society is the kind of leader/contributor/ambassador that any non-profit organization or association dreams of having. Mooney’s contributions to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce run deep and have impacted the organization and its investors more than can be seen on the surface. For her extensive impact on the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, Mooney has been chosen as our August 2011 Featured Monthly Investor.

It takes a strong, committed individual to implement effective change in an organization, especially on a volunteer basis. On numerous occasions as a board member, Mooney has stepped into the lead when the Chamber needed it most.

As board chair in 2008, Jean was thrust into taking over Loveland Chamber CEO responsibilities from April – Sept. 2008 in addition to working with 2009 chair Mark Weaver to lead the CEO Selection Committee. She stepped in to manage Chamber staff and ensure that services continued for Chamber investors, spent significant time in the Chamber offices to fulfill this role despite her full-time position as public affairs and communications manager with Agilent, and oversaw all finances, policies and processes. Jean’s extensive job experience was perfect for coaching the staff as well as outlining the process for hiring a new CEO. She developed the candidate profile, managed the search, guided the selection committee throughout the process with initial interviews and then executed a meet & greet event for the final candidates. Once the committee agreed to hire Brian Willms, current Chamber president/CEO, Jean handled the entire process of bringing Willms onboard and getting him settled into his new role. According to 2007 Loveland Chamber chair Carla Hawkins, all of her efforts were vast, but she made the transition in hiring a new CEO seamless.

“Jean is an incredibly influential business professional in Loveland. Her skills, ideas and contributions on a variety of levels have gained her the trust of prominent individuals within Loveland’s business community,” said Willms. “As a board leader, when Jean speaks, other board members listen, knowing that she continues to bring added value to the organization.”

Contributing to the board even further, Jean was instrumental in assisting Hawkins implement Carver’s Policy Governance theory into the Chamber’s governing policies and re-defining Chamber bylaws to ensure consistency with Policy Governance. She researched the topic and pulled relevant Chamber examples to help the board determine the most appropriate way to fit this policy into the Chamber’s current governance plan. Both the Policy Governance booklet and bylaws have become the Chamber’s playbooks. Jean continues to serve as the board’s current Policy Governance expert.

Outside of the board, Jean has played a role in several of the Chamber’s signature programs and events including the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance, the Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival and the Chamber’s premiere event, its Annual Investor Meeting in January.

Over the years, Jean has attended the Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival as both a spectator and volunteer. She was instrumental in getting volunteers from Agilent Technologies to help with the Corn Shucking Contest for numerous years and has spent many years setting up for the event as well as volunteering for whatever needed done.

The Annual Meeting is the Chamber’s premiere event and one of Loveland’s ‘who’s who’ business events. For several years, Jean has served on the committee and has been a leading voice in theme, programming and overall appeal. With the addition of a silent auction, Jean immediately stepped up to help secure donations to make the event a success.

Hear it from Jean:
How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?
I’ve been fortunate to represent two organizations during my eleven and a half year association with the Loveland Chamber. I represented Agilent for almost ten years and, for the past year and half, I’ve represented the Larimer Humane Society. Very different types of organizations with very different needs from a chamber of commerce, but I believe both have benefited significantly. Those benefits have included increased business recognition, community support and outreach opportunities, a voice to government, learning opportunities and strategic project partnerships. Additionally, I’ve been able to personally capitalize on my Chamber involvement through the scores of opportunities to meet and network with people from throughout our community.

What Chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable?
In representing business, I found – and still find - the events and committees associated with the Legislative Alliance to be extremely valuable. From a corporate citizenship perspective, the Corn Roast will always hold a special place in my heart because it served for many years as a venue for a number of Agilent’s community outreach initiatives. And, now, working for a non-profit organization I find the In Focus events available through our membership to be a good resource for cost-effective staff training. For me personally, I’m a long-time alum of the Leadership Loveland program and have been honored to formerly serve on the NCLA board and to currently serve on the Chamber board. Plus, it’s been down-right fun being a member of the planning committee for the Annual Meeting.

What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?
I’d say it’s a minimum investment with an opportunity for maximum return for those who take advantage of all the Chamber has to offer.

What has been the top benefit to you for your chamber involvement?
Again, if I look at my Chamber involvement from a very personal standpoint, I would say my top benefit has been the opportunity to meet so many people who care so deeply about this community. As individuals, Chamber investors may have very different opinions on various subjects. But, as a whole, I’ve witnessed a group of people who are truly committed to our town and to our region.

Which events will we see you in August?
How could I miss the Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival on Aug. 26-27? I will see everyone there!