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Ann Clarke, Colorado Women of Influence

April 2012 - Featured Monthly Investor

The Loveland community is no stranger to extraordinary leaders and exceptional mentors, but when it comes to innate wisdom, keen leadership skills and a sphere of influence, Ann Clarke, the founder and CEO of Colorado Women of Influence, is the crème de la crème.  Ann’s enthusiasm for small business support, passion for community involvement, ability to mentor and her attributions to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce has named her our April 2012 Featured Monthly Investor.

Ann is an Ambassador for the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and in 2011, her peers named her Star Ambassador for her willingness to volunteer her time at chamber meetings and ribbon cuttings, while maintaining a positive energy and joy for life and business.  In addition, many have recognized her for her professional and personal approach to being a mentor for many young and aspiring females in northern Colorado

As an investor, she benefits from the resources that are available through the chamber and is a regular at Business Before and Business After Hours. She has even opened her doors to host ribbon cuttings for those without physical office locations.  

“Ann has been a staple in Loveland’s business community for years and has a keen reputation for her passion. Not only does Ann participate regularly in chamber functions, but she is also one of the first to promote the value of membership and encourage participation,” said Renee Hagar-Smith, office manager for the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.

Hear it from Ann:

How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?

The Loveland Chamber is THE gathering place for businesses which are well-established and successful. Members aren’t only from Loveland but are from all over northern Colorado. You do business with people you know, and the Chamber has made it easy for me to find the resources I need, both for myself, my organization, and for the referrals I give. What an easy way to get to know the leaders in the business community!

What Chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable? 

I enjoy being an Ambassador because we really get to know each other well. Our monthly meetings are high-energy and fun. The Ambassadors truly are raving fans of the Chamber! I love the Ribbon Cuttings – an excuse to meet new members in person and see their offices. And I love Business Before Hours! This smaller, more intimate setting is perfect for one-on-one networking, as well as getting to know the host business. Of course, Business After Hours is always a wonderful place to meet people, create connections in a warm social setting.

What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?

This is not only a great investment of your hard-earned money; it’s a great investment of your TIME as well. The Chamber makes it easy to create the connections you need to build your business…and have FUN along the way!

What has been the top benefit to you for your chamber involvement?  

 The “top benefit” would be how easy the Chamber makes it to form stronger relationships with business men and women, as well as getting to know more about the businesses in our community. We have people here who are great role models and leaders. I am filled with even greater respect for what they have accomplished in their careers and professional lives. And the Chamber has made it easy for me to get to know them better. My organization is membership by referral only, with qualifications, so the Chamber makes it easy for me to meet successful women business owners and corporate officers who might be interested in COWOI – but that’s really “frosting on the cake.” The real benefit is simply getting to know these wonderful people even better!

Which events will we see you at in April? 

Everything except the Expo which is on my birthday!