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Nathan Klein, Loveland Commercial

August 2010 - Featured Monthly Investor

One of northern Colorado’s most influential up-and-coming leaders is in our own backyard – and among the Loveland’s Chamber’s finest. Nathan Klein with Loveland Commercial is not only driving Loveland and northern Colorado’s commercial real estate market forward to ensure continued economic development, but he is also behind the scenes of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and other organizations making significant strides.

Combining personal and professionals interest, Klein has quickly jumped the ranks within Loveland since joining Loveland Commercial in 2004. Through the Loveland Chamber, Klein has made strides through his involvement with the Loveland Chamber’s board of directors and through his participation in the 2009-2011 Leadership Loveland class. Nathan is also outstanding in helping the Chamber recruit new investors. He regularly gives the Chamber leads and more importantly shares with those prospects why he believes they should invest in the Chamber.

Since joining the board of directors in 2009, Klein has been an active voice, bringing his commercial real estate knowledge, drive and knack for improving Loveland business opportunities through the Chamber to the table to tackle a variety of issues large and small.

“Nathan has been instrumental in helping the board move forward. He has been one of the drivers in getting the board to establish long term plans and focus on the bigger picture,” said Brian Willms, president and CEO of the Loveland Chamber. “Nathan is seen by his fellow board members to be a leader and has even been nominated to serve on the Executive Committee in 2011. His peers on the board, including Marilyn Schock, Jay Hardy, Mark Weaver, Jean Mooney and Dave Clark, have a great deal of respect for him.”

Nathan is one of the most engaged and active board members. He consistently shares his thoughts, provides ideas and recommendations and encourages other board members to engage by asking questions and suggesting that others also share their thoughts. He has participated in several sub-committees, made presentations to the board in relation to his expertise and Chamber agenda items. Nathan has also volunteered for and serves on the Finance Committee, a role that he has embraced since January.

“I was absolutely thrilled when Nathan joined the ranks of the board. He brings to the organization fresh and challenging ideas and a sincere passion for the advancement of businesses in our community. He is, in every way, a leader in action,” said Jean Mooney, human resources director with the Larimer Humane Society and the 2008 past board chair.

As co-chair for the 2009-2011 Leadership Loveland class, Klein brings his natural leadership ability to the group to encourage the team to ‘think big’, especially when it comes to their community project for the community kitchen. With Klein and fellow co-chair Stephanie Fancher at the helm, the class has taken on the challenge to generate $20,000 in funds to directly support the community kitchen and its recent move to collocate with Meals on Wheels. To strengthen the program, Klein has also worked with the Chamber to introduce several program revisions including a ½ day recap of the program in July.

“Working with Nathan through Leadership Loveland has given me a new appreciation for how to be an effective leader. Nathan is so knowledgeable, so committed to evolution and growth and so capable of anything that comes his way. It was clear within the first few classes that Nathan would shift into a natural leadership role even among our own class,” said Nicole Hegg, communications and events manager and a fellow 2009-2011 Leadership Loveland classmate. “Evolving the program – and business in general – is something that is inherent to Nathan’s personality.”

With Nathan Klein in a leadership position within the Chamber and throughout the community, the Loveland Chamber is certainly looking forward to Loveland’s future.

Hear it from Nathan

How have you capitalized on your Loveland Chamber investment and what has it brought you?

The Chamber has been extremely valuable in terms of meeting fellow business owners and community members. In addition to participating in various leads groups, I am currently involved on the Chamber board and going through the Leadership Loveland Class. These activities have resulted in some tremendous new clients, vendors that I use for personal business, and many good friends along the way. I am also very excited about the role the Chamber has taken relative to community political and business involvement. I believe that the Chamber is the strongest voice in the community for small business and the business community in general. Its participation in the assuring a great business climate in the community is critical.

What Chamber events, committees etc. do you find the most valuable?

The relationships I have gained through my participation in Leadership Loveland, the Chamber board and the various leads groups are the most valuable part of my involvement with the Chamber. In the commercial real estate business, I am constantly looking to meet new and established business owners in some form of business transition (growing, contracting or moving) and individuals looking to invest money in commercial real estate. I’ve found the Chamber to be a valuable asset in identifying potential opportunities related to such businesses and business owners.

What would you say to someone considering Chamber investment?

I would highly recommend not only investing in the Chamber, but becoming personally involved in the Chamber. The direction set forth by Brian and the staff is tremendous and the progress we are making in the business community is significant. From having a voice in the business community to meeting new people to educational opportunities, the investment is small compared to value gained through the membership.

What has been the top benefit to you for your chamber involvement?

As mentioned above, it is all about relationships gained with fellow business people in the community and the voice/platform that the Chamber gives small businesses with City politics, council issues, and election information.

Which events will we see you in August?
Corn Roast, Chamber board, Finance Committee, B2B Leads Group