ACE-Loveland: Letters of Support

One of the best methods for assisting the City of Loveland with winning their bid to house the Aerospace Clean Energy Manufacturing and Innovation Park is to write a letter of support. We understand letters take time and for some can be challenging to write. With the help of city staff we are providing templates for you to use. You will find the templates below in both a pdf and Word document format.

However, if you feel inclined to write your own letter please do so. A personalized letter can be even more powerful. If you do write your own letter, please use the templates as a guide and please emphasize the following points:

  1. The move in condition of the facility.
  2. The testing and measurement resources and services available on site (thanks to Agilent).
  3. The innovation history in Loveland (reference the template for the HP story).
  4. The workforce that is already in Loveland.
  5. The incredible desire on the part of the citizens to “make this happen and make it work.”

We encourage you to send letters to each Colorado Association of Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT) board member since they will be the ones making the selection. We've provided their names and addresses below.

We also encourage you to submit a letter to Governor John Hickenlooper. You'll find his info below as well.

ACE Community Support Ltr v1

ACE Community Support Ltr v1 (Word document)
ACE Community Support Ltr v1 (pdf)

CAMT Board Members

Chairman - John Collar

Vice Chair - Dr. Florine Raitano

President - Elaine Thorndike

Coors Moulson - Tim Maly

University of Colorado - Richard Wobbekind

Anheuser-Busch - Paul Czarnecki

Springs Fabrication - Belinda Popovich

You can send individual letters via mail to the following address:

Colorado Association for Manufacturing & Technology
216 16th Street, Suite 850
Denver, CO 80202

To contact Governor John Hickenlooper

John W Hickenlooper, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792

The Governor does not have a public email address listed; however, his website does allow you to submit an electronic message to him (must be brief) and you can access this options by clicking here.