Loveland Chamber of Commerce Encourages You to Help Loveland Win
Its Bid to House the Aerospace Clean Energy Manufacturing Park!

Why help? Because the Community Benefits!
Here's how:

  • The park will likely house 7,000 jobs! Another 3,000 jobs will likely be created from companies providing support and supplies.
  • Approximately 100 high tech and clean energy companies will be housed at the park.
  • The companies at the park will likely generate $7 billion in net economic output per year.
  • The park will be a regional economic development engine that will drive economic and job growth in the state.
  • The focus of the park will go beyond research and development in aerospace and clean energy; manufacturing of products that support those industries (supply-chain opportunities) will also be positively impacted.
  • NASA has pledged to lend its technology and expertise to help companies bring their products to market, thereby creating jobs. In fact, NASA will be supplying a Regional Innovation Ambassador to help facilitate the exchange of technology.
  • Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology will be developing the park and securing other company tenants though public and private partnerships.

How you can help:

  • Write a letter to the CAMT Board members and elected officials. To see sample letters and lists of who to send the letters, please click here.
  • Become a fan of "ACE-Loveland" on Facebook and post how CAMT will benefit by selecting Loveland.
  • Follow "ACE-Loveland" on Twitter and retweet and reply.
  • Make a pledge! All pledges will only be accepted if Loveland win's its bid. For a pledge form please click here.